Storage and Shelf Life of Nuts and Chocolates

Stored correctly, all nuts and chocolates have a 12 month expiration period.
We recommend a 6 month expiration date for all Candied Nut products - Vienna Almonds, Candied Macadamias, Buttered Brazils, Candied Peanuts.
The best way to store nuts and chocolates is in an airtight jar/container, in a cool dry position, away from direct sunlight, such as a pantry.  If left open, our Candied Nut products in particular will go sticky.  Do not store chocolate or candied nuts in the refrigerator!

Allergens present in Nuts and Chocolates

Most products at The Nut Shop contain nuts. Anyone with severe nut allergies should not purchase any of our products.
Whilst we do manufacture a range of nut free products, they have come into contact with machinery that has been used to manufacture nut products and therefore are not safe for those with severe nut allergies.

For those with dairy allergies, all our raw, roasted, salted and candied (but not buttered) products are dairy free. Whilst our dark chocolate does not contain milk, we cannot guarantee that it has not come into contact with milk chocolate products.

For those with soy allergies, all raw, roasted, salted, candied and buttered nut products are soy free. Soya lecithin is used as an emulsifier in all chocolate.

The Nut Shop also uses wheat based glucose in a number of items, which should be noted by those with Gluten intolerances.  Gluten is present in products bought into The Nut Shop such as licorice, marshmallow and many lolly lines.  Click here for a list of Gluten Free products.

Chocolate used at The Nut Shop

The Nut Shop uses only pure chocolate in all manufacturing.  We blend varieties to our own composition - our Dark Chocolate blend has 74% cocoa solids, whilst our Milk Chocolate has 28% cocoa solids.  The difference between Compound and Pure is that compound chocolate has had the natural cocoa butter replaced by oil (fat), changing the composition, taste, texture and melting temperature of the product.

Food Safety/Quality Guarantees

The Nut Shop has a fully operational Food Safety Program.  Click here to see our HACCP Certification. All Nut Shop products are made from premium quality ingredients for your enjoyment. However, should you receive any damaged product, or have any further enquiries or complaints please Contact us.

Kosher/Halal products

A large range of The Nut Shop products have been certified Kosher by the Kashrut Authority of NSW.  Click to view the Kosher Certificates listing all Kosher Products.

The Nut Shop Kosher products are available in Sydney and Melbourne. Stockists in Sydney include Thomas Dux Grocer, Krinsky, Grandma Moses, Franklins (Rose Bay and St Ives). Stockists in Melbourne include Thomas Dux Grocer, Rishon, Chocolate Box and The Coffee Company.  

Whilst The Nut Shop products have not been certified Halal, The Nut Shop does not use any animal products in our manufacturing.

Nuts and Health

A handful of nuts each day is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.  Nuts are very beneficial in the treatment and reduction of diabetes, high cholesterol and many other ailments. Click here more information on the nutritional value of nuts. Visit www.nutsforlife.com.au for more information.